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So Much Fuss about Nothing

Relationship anxiety is truly tough on a person’s rational well-being. It is the fear of rejection and the angst of thinking that someone really doesn’t love you at all, that acts as stumbling blocks to normal thinking and also serves as some sort of constant stress that always affects our already burdened immune system.

Most of us are occasionally affected, in varying degrees, with the ups and downs of a human relationship, but it is those persons who have much stronger levels of connection anxiety and are very sensitive to perceived signals that their partners will always bolt, that seems to suffer much more. It is also them who always try to get guarantees because they see their partner’s conduct as entirely negative in nature, so even if it really doesn’t show, they really do suffer from their condition.

Studies have stated that relationship anxiety, in reality, really does have bad effects on one’s total health, be it mental or physical, but unfortunately it also not mentioned of how the stresses of anxiety and a person’s health integrated with each other. It is now dependent on the sufferer to be aware of what is happening and immediately find ways of alleviating it. Although it is really hard for a sufferer to admit to his or her crisis, probably because of denial or steadfast stubbornness, it is then up to the person’s circle of friends or family to help treat, and more importantly guide the person towards recovery.

Although there are many ways to tackle anxiety, most in the form of highly advertised modern drugs and procedures, it is the natural way of treatment that seems the best. Most drug supplements for anxiety are just chemicals that interfere with the body’s normal process and not treat the problem at its source, which really is just inter personal interaction and inborn thinking.

First thing that comes to mind is to ditch the person that is the object of anxiety, but we don’t really want that do we. Some suggests several household items that can help us with it. Items like chamomile tea, valerian, lemon balm, lavender and even chocolates for that matter do wonders to people suffering from anxiety. A good exercise program, jogging or some brisk walking always tends to clear up the mind. Practicing meditation and consciously always being mindful of things also really helps a lot.

Anxiety comes from false perception of things, so it is that which we need to change. We have to start thinking positively about everything and we need to see the best in every situation, we are all beautiful and everything in this earth is good. If we start thinking like that, then everything will be just fine.

Published: December 10, 2013