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Bananas for Dogs, Why Not?

Ever wonder about something so simple and common that it seems very ordinary, yet you are amazed that it is only now that you have even thought about it? I’m talking about the question of can dogs eat bananas. A somewhat innocent yet whimsical question you probably haven’t encountered before, but I’m willing to bet that you really don’t know the answer to that, do you?

Monkeys are a shoe in for this banana eating stereotype but dogs are another matter completely. We all know that most dogs have an affinity with bones and the likes, but with recent advances with regards to pet feeding, we are already being conditioned to always using factory made and mixed dog foods to feed our dogs with regularity, as there are even several kinds of it to suit everyone’s particular needs and taste. There is even a hypoallergenic dog food variety for those who can’t stand the regular mix and also the wet and dry ones for those with discerning tastes, but bananas?

Bananas are sweet and soft kinds of fruits that are usually of an elongated tube shape, although slightly bent at the ends, and usually are colored yellow but are also known to have green and orange varieties. They are primary sources of Vitamin C, dietary fiber, Potassium, Vitamin B6, electrolytes and other substances that are generally good for our health. So does it follow that if it is good for us humans, then it would be safe to say that it is too for our pets? Well, in the case of our pet dogs, it kind of is.

Because of their sweet nature and sugary content, bananas can be even fed to our dogs as treats. It is particularly good for them too, especially to large breeds of dogs, working dogs and dogs that are very active, because it delivers to them the boosts of energy they need to maintain their health.

Other benefits of bananas to dogs are their potassium content which limits the occurrence of cramping in dogs, which they are always wont to do especially during long walks and strenuous activities. Bananas are also found to contain trace amounts of norepinephrine and serotonin, compounds known to be the harbinger of joyful mood and happiness, which is a good thing as nobody wants a particularly grumpy pet.

Bananas are also recognized to act as a sort of a protector of the stomach and the digestive system by inhibiting excess acid secretion in these areas thereby lessening the risk of damage due to ulcers and other adverse conditions. So there you go, bananas can indeed be fed to dogs and might also be beneficial to the dog’s general state of health and well-being.

Now the only question that hinders you from doing so eventually is whether your dog would like the taste of a banana or not. Dogs, like people, also have different tastes and different reaction to everything, and we really don’t want to force anything to our beloved pets do we?

Published: May 6, 2014