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Rabbits Galore

Mother Nature has given us countless kinds of animals big and small for both our nourishment and enjoyment. Some of them even became our dearest friends and sometimes, also the ones we go to when we need some form of help, like the “seeing eye dogs” for the blind amongst us or the horses that pull our heavy loads, our carts and our buggies. Not to mention the dogs that do double duty as our friends and protectors, and countless other animals who in one way or another has been helping us throughout history.

But there are those animals which are very familiar to us yet seem to be also shrouded in mystery, the ones we thought we knew so well but is constantly surprising us with new information about them as the days go by. The Rabbit is one example of those kinds of animals and he lives up to the fact that there is always something new to know about them.

Here are several known bunny facts in both captivity and in the wild. Get to know them more closely and don’t be disappointed if you ever encounter a new fact about them, as they always deem to surprise us in many ways possible.

lionhead bunniesRabbit Trivia

  • Rabbits snore when they are sleeping, go ahead and watch them sleep
  • You already know what the fox says but do you know what sounds does the rabbit make? They snort and grunt
  • Rabbits never needs to take any kinds of bath as they clean themselves perfectly well, unless of course they get diarrhea and stuff
  • Did you know that rabbits hate getting held? It’s from their upbringing as animals of prey and they really don’t trust anyone or anything for fear of being eaten
  • Rabbits gone? Look in dark and secluded places around your house as they like to go into them
  • Rabbits are neither a day animal or nocturnal for that matter. They are crepuscular animals, meaning they more active during the times of dusk and dawn
  • Rabbits are treated as pests in some areas because they eat so much
  • Female rabbits are called does. Male ones are bucks, the little ones are kits or kittens, they live on a warren
  • Rabbits can jump up to a meter and a half, sometimes higher when they have a fox behind them
  • Rabbits can have 38 babies in a year, kits I mean
  • There are almost more than 120 kinds of rabbit breeds
  • Baby rabbits are born without fur, even the majestic Lionhead bunnies are no exception
  • There are two million households in America that has rabbits as their pets
  • Rabbits can die because of fright
  • Rabbits can clearly see what’s on their back yet is blind to the things that are right under their noses
  • Female rabbits have a gestation period of only 31 days
  • Female rabbits can become pregnant at the age of 3-6 months, talk about starting them young
  • Rabbits can live up to 10 years, less if they have a nagging wife

Published: January 11, 2015