Bronchitis vs. pneumonia, a no win situation whatever the angle you are looking at it from. Bronchitis is a respiratory illness where the membranes that are contained in the air passages becomes inflamed due to several causes like viral, bacterial, and even normal everyday pollution and smoking can cause it.

Pneumonia on the other hand, is an infection of the structures of the lung, primarily of the tiny air sacs called alveoli, and is caused mainly by viruses and bacteria alike, although certain kinds of drugs and some auto immune diseases also tend to cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is a deadly disease if left unchecked and is responsible for four million deaths every year, most of it from poor and developing countries which apparently lacks the proper diagnostic care needed to address pneumonia cases.

Bronchitis and pneumonia two totally different diseases apparently share many similar symptoms though people that have severe bronchitis having a relatively good chance of acquiring pneumonia in most cases. Bronchitis usually clears up within a few weeks to a month tops, while those with pneumonia have a decent chance of dying from it especially those with advance age. So we clearly can see which of the two diseases are more potent.

With regards to treatments, pneumonia certainly deserves more resources and time for it to be addressed properly whereas with regards to bronchitis, it is easily cured and apparently we can do something about it.

Signs and Symptoms of Bronchitis

  • Discomfort especially on chest area and sometimes also on a large part of the back
  • Productive coughing that is uneasily cured (greenish or yellowish mucus)
  • General body fatigue like the ones you experience when having a flu
  • Low grade fever that is sometimes accompanied by the chills
  • Shortness of breath even with only non-strenuous or no activity at all

Items which Typically Leads to One Suffering Bronchitis

  • Persons who smoke or lives with somebody who does has a high risk of contracting bronchitis
  • Low immunity because of a current sickness or outstanding condition which eventually opens the body to several opportunistic diseases like bronchitis
  • Daily exposure to lung irritants like daily pollution, textiles, grains, smoke, toxic chemicals, and strong smells
  • Conditions which affects the throat constantly like gastric reflux makes you prone to suffering bronchitis

Bronchitis Remedies

  • Taking of proper rest, drinking plenty of fluids, and the avoidance of irritants which causes bronchitis are the first things to do when suffering from the effects of bronchitis
  • Using of over the counter medicine to address the fever associated with bronchitis and also the use of a humidifier to assist in the proper ventilation of a patient that has difficulty of breathing
  • The natural methods of treating bronchitis are highly recommended as they are both potent and not particularly harmful to the body when used. Food items such as peppers, turmeric and holy basil are effective against bronchitis in general, while performing yoga, breathing exercises, and meditation also helps in curing bronchitis without taking in anything into the body.