How to Do Your Part to Save Planet Earth

With the billions of people living on this planet and consuming its resources and with the current global warming that we are experiencing now, many people fear that the earth is coming to an end in the near future. That is apart from other environmental issues we face such as dying oceans, natural disasters and scarcity of food and water among others.

We cannot put our government wholly responsible in caring for our environment. It should also be an individual effort which can start right in our very own home. And some of the methods or practices you can do to help save the earth do not even require you to invest on something expensive. In fact, doing them may even give you added benefits of savings. Some of these methods are:

Conserving water

Water conservation is one of the most significant ways a person can contribute to the health of this planet. That is especially true if you are living in a region with a problem on water shortage. There are several ways on how you can conserve water. One way is to check and repair any leaking faucet in your home. You could also invest in water-saving devices such as a low-flow showerhead. Instead of using water sprinklers in your lawn, you could use a hose where you can have better control of what to water and how much water should go to a certain plant. Wash dishes or clothes only in full loads and brush your teeth using a cup or glass instead of letting the water just run through as you brush. Many of these simple everyday routines can easily save you hundreds of dollars on collective water bills while also helping the environment.

Conserving energy

Energy consumption has one of the biggest impacts in our environment. Most of the energy people commonly use comes from non-renewable resources such as fossil fuel and others. In order for this energy to be available for individual users, it entails the burning of carbon dioxide which significantly contributes to global warming. The less energy you use at home or in running your car, the healthier it will be for the earth.

Energy conservation can be done by using lighting, appliances and car that are energy efficient. When not in use, unplug appliances at home before sleeping or going to work because they still consume energy even if turned off but still plugged. Set your thermostat at 120 and your refrigerator between 36 to 38 degrees because these are the most efficient temperatures. Take advantage also of windows for natural air and lighting. There are many other ways you can save on energy usage and lower your electricity bill.

Using fewer chemicals

Every chemical you use will eventually end up in the air or in the water supply, contributing to air and water pollution. The lesser chemicals you use at home especially in home cleaning, the better it will be for the environment.

Reusing, reducing, recycling and disposing of waste properly

Not everything you throw into your garbage bin is really garbage. Aside from making an effort to reuse or reduce your household products, some unneeded ones can still be recycled while others can be made into compost. Be sure to observe garbage segregation at home and separate what can still be recycled and what can be used for composting. For other types of garbage especially the toxic ones, be sure to dispose of them properly.

There are many things that each person can do to help save our planet earth. And if all people will just do them, we could significantly improve the current condition of the planet we are living in.