What about Acne

Almost everybody has been through them once in their life with some unlucky few still having them up until now. The bane of teenagers worldwide and the curse of clear facial skin, acne has always been the scourge of raging hormones and of growing up. What must we know about them for us to have any chance of getting rid of them, or can we really manage to ever totally get rid of them?

What is Acne?

Acne is the condition wherein the pores contained in human skin becomes blocked, by either dried up bodily oil, dead skin cells, or other foreign substances, thereby inhibiting the proper release of the sebum from it which eventually causes the tell-tale swelling you see in acne sufferers. Bacteria might then invade the blocked pores causing it to swell and become infected. The pus that oozes out of acnes being squeezed is the result of such infection.

Types of Acne

  1. Comedonal Acne – The most common type of acne which makes itself know through the creation of the familiar blackheads and whiteheads alike. It is the result of sebum never managing to get out of the pores and is most usually found around the forehead, on top of and at the side of noses, and also in the chin.
  2. Inflammatory Acne – Is the type of acne wherein there is a little swelling on the base of the blocked pores.
  3. Cystic Acne – Is the severest form of acne that occurs when the blocked plug becomes infected by bacteria. Nodular acne is painful to the touch and often results in ugly scars and deformities if not addressed properly.

Types of Acne Treatments

·         The use of external Anti-bacterial and Antibiotics like the Erythromycin groups (Eryc, Ery-Tab, Pce, Pediazole, Ilosone), Clindamycin groups (Benzaclin, benzoyl peroxide gel, Acanya, Duac), and Azelaic Acids to deal with the infection that apparently has set in the acne
·         Retin A, Adapalene, Tazarotine and other Retinoin drugs which are very helpful with the job of keeping pores always open.
·         The use of oral antibiotics is also included as possible treatments for acnes
·         The new use of photosensitizing dyes and other light treatments is gaining ground as an alternative acne treatment
·         Chemical peels

What can you do when you have an explosion of acne happening on your face?
·    Hide it  by using cosmetics such as foundations, blushes, and concealers to name a few. Just remember to clean the area where you placed your makeup thoroughly afterwards as cosmetics are known to cause acne
·    Having a Facial from certified professionals who know how to do their job, it is one of their primary function to make you look good pimple or no pimple
·    Pore Strips are a sort of do-it-yourself facials which can now be readily both in pharmacies, its primary functions is to rid your skin of oil buildup and also of the removal of any clog that manages to stick to it
·    Tooth Paste has been the cult favorite in acne self-treatments, it has no scientific background or tests performed on it to prove its veracity in fighting pimples whatsoever, but the myriads of people who had used it to treat their scalp acne, nose acnes, or even back acnes might offer some proof that it really works, sometimes, they hope.